Concrete Foundations

The foundation of any home or structure is an essential element of its safety. Concrete foundations are a common type of foundation for residential and commercial structures. Care must be exercised during all phases of creating the concrete foundation.

Before laying a concrete foundation, the cement workers will need to excavate the area. Depending on the type of soil, the climate and several other factors, the contractor or builder will determine the best type of foundation for the structure. Common types of concrete foundations include “T” shaped concrete foundations, slab on grade concrete foundations and frost protected concrete foundations.

After excavation takes place the preparation for the concrete foundation can be performed by the cement workers, concrete workers and applicable contractors. Footings must be dug, rebar must be set, the site must pass inspection and the footings can then be poured. After that, the wall forms can be set, stems can be poured and the plumbing can be roughed-in. Then the cement workers must set forms for the slab and the concrete can be pumped or poured into it’s place. Care must be used during all phases and proper curing and waterproofing are essential in order to ensure that the concrete foundation doesn’t become damaged or cracked.