Resurfacing & Overlaying Concrete

When concrete or cement has slight surface cracks or needs a bit of a facelift due to stains, discoloration, or age, resurfacing with an overlay may be the best solution. Resurfacing and overlaying concrete can give structurally sound, but aesthetically unpleasing concrete and cement an interesting and attractive new look. In addition to changing the look of your existing cement or concrete, resurfacing concrete with an overlay provides an economical and environmentally friendly way to change the look of your porch, patio, pool deck, sidewalk or driveway. Before beginning a concrete resurfacing or concrete overlaying project it is essential to determine that the concrete is structurally sound. Resurfacing concrete with overlays is not an acceptable way to deal with sunken pavement, deep cracks or concrete that has suffered from frost heave.

There are a wide variety of overlays available for use in concrete resurfacing. When determining the type of overlay to be used for your concrete resurfacing project it is best to consider both the desired aesthetic outcome as well as the type of conditions that the concrete will be subjected to. The color of the concrete can be changed and many interesting and dazzling effects, such as marbleizing and antiquing can be achieved. For specific information on the best type of overlay system for your concrete resurfacing needs and aesthetic desires contact a cement worker or concrete work professional.