How to Age Cement Statues & Benches

Decor with age often has greater character than embellishments of the same type. This is especially true for cement benches and statues. When aged by the elements they have a patina unlike anything that comes straight out of a mold. It is possible to achieve a realistic aged look using a few different methods. Try these easy ways to age cement statues and benches, and make them look decades or even centuries old overnight.

Etch the Surface Using Rock Salt

Have you ever used rock salt or even table salt on a concrete sidewalk or driveway and later realized that it etched the surface? Salt can be used to age cement benches and statues. Since salt will kill vegetation, protect the ground below or complete this process in a location that will not become damaged. Simply spray the items with water and apply rock salt where desired. Check on the progress every thirty to sixty minutes, but do not ignore it. Leaving it on too long will cause irreparable deep pitting. Leave the salt on cement benches and statues just long enough to age the items and give them a weather-worn look. Thoroughly rinse the salt away when finished.

Age Cement Benches and Statues with Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is a miracle product that can be used to quickly age cement benches and statues. When coated for several hours, the items will form an interesting patina that appears somewhat marbled. Slather a generous amount of plain yogurt over cement benches and statues, and allow it to work overnight or seven to eight hours before thoroughly rinsing it away. Repeat this process as often as necessary to age cement benches and statues quickly and easily. The results are phenomenal.

Use Cement Stain to Give Benches and Statues a Mossy Appearance

After using one or both of the aforementioned methods to age cement benches and statues, give them an old moss-covered appearance with the help of diluted concrete stain. Mix two or more latex concrete stains until you achieve the color of old moss. Dilute it with water. Apply the faux moss with a sponge. Pay careful attention to areas that protrude from the benches and statues instead of covering entire surfaces. This will age the pieces in a more realistic way, and they will fool everyone.