Cleaning Concrete

Cleaning concrete is a critical aspect of proper concrete and cement maintenance. It is necessary to clean concrete at least annually; concrete and cement that are exposed to harsher wear and elements may need to be cleaned more frequently. In many cases, it can be difficult to tell exactly when your cement and concrete needs to be cleaned. This is because dirt and grime tend to accumulate slowly and uniformly across your cement and concrete surfaces and structures. It is wise to ask your cement worker or concrete contractor for advice on when to do the first concrete cleaning. Once you perform the cleaning on one section of the concrete, it will be very obvious as to the difference between the cleaned concrete and the dirtier concrete.

The methods for cleaning concrete vary depending on the type of concrete that has been installed. The best bet is to ask the concrete contractor or contact the manufacturer for specific products and directions on concrete cleaning. Depending on the type of cement and concrete that you have, the location of the concrete and the primary reason for cleaning, there are certain chemicals that may be recommended. For example, degreasers may be needed to help remove oil stains from a concrete driveway.

If you don’t have heavily stained concrete and just wish to perform a basic concrete cleaning for the purposes of maintaining your cement work, water sprayed with a power washer will usually be effective. It is important to ensure proper sealing of the concrete after your concrete is washed to protect it from water damage and help it to stay clean.

Concrete floors and cement floors can typically be cleaned with regular cleaning supplies. A broom to remove surface dust and a wet mop with a slightly soapy solution should help keep your concrete floors and cement floors in great shape. Occasionally the concrete floors and cement floors may need to be professionally re-polished, but by cleaning and maintaining concrete floors and cement floors on a regular basis, you can be sure to protect your investment and ensure a long and lovely floor life.

Concrete countertops, also called cement countertops, have been gaining popularity in recent years. Just like concrete floors and cement floors, concrete countertops and cement countertops are desirable because they are durable, long-lasting, and relatively easy to maintain. To properly clean a concrete countertop or cement countertop all that is really needed is a damp rag and some mild soap. Most cement workers and concrete contractors advise using mild detergents and avoiding the use of harsher, abrasive cleaning agents on cement countertops and concrete countertops. Occasional waxing and refinishing may be recommended; check with your cement worker or concrete contractor for specific instructions.